Asexuality NZ Trust launches

The Asexuality New Zealand Trust is excited to announce the launch of our website. With the launch, we’re thrilled to be starting the pursuit of our goals in earnest.


The Asexuality New Zealand Trust is excited to announce the launch of our website. With this launch, we’re thrilled to begin to pursue our goals in earnest.

We aim to pool our members’ publishing, legal, and academic experience with the hope of providing educational resources to the general public as well as to medical and mental wellbeing services. We aim to help empower the New Zealand asexual community, to educate those around them, and help ensure public decision makers are responsive to asexual individuals’ experiences.

We are currently seeking to become classed as a charity, and hope to soon achieve this official recognition of the benefit we intend to offer to New Zealand society.

The Trust has produced brochures for the current pride parade event in Auckland, which we’re excited to be handing out at tomorrow. We look forward to providing similar support to other asexual events throughout the country. You can find the brochure here.

If you want to learn more about us or see what we’ve come up with so far, we welcome you to explore this website. We’ll be uploading more content in time, so check back regularly.

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Founded in 2018 in Auckland New Zealand, we’re a trust dedicated to empowering asexual spectrum individuals by helping them navigate their experiences and promoting understanding by educating the broader public about asexuality.