The Asexual publishes an agender issue

Asexuality journal The Asexual has published its latest issue, which examines some intersections between asexual and agender experiences.

World first academic and cultural journal The Asexual, which the Trust’s blog profiled during our celebration of asexual achievement for Asexual Awareness Week, has just published its eighth issue.

Broadening the publication’s scope, the latest issue comprises an anthology of “the perspectives of those who may identify as being without gender, genderless, gender neutral, or otherwise separate from identifying within gender systems.”

The journal’s first seven issues focused expressly on exploring differing intersections with asexuality. These included Rainbow Pride, race, and sex among others. The latest collection of articles delves more directly into personal essay, poetry, and other writing by agender authors, giving fuller expression to a wide range of experiences across the LGBTQIA+ community.

Several of the authors featured in the latest issue do also identify as asexual, and explore the relationship between being agender and asexual. Other authors, who previously identified as asexual, discuss their process of coming out as agender, and why they found that lens to be more useful in understanding their experiences. These articles provide useful insight into the process of coming out with a less widely understood gender or sexual identity, which can be a challenging and confronting experience.

As highlighted right here on the Trust’s website, asexuality intersects with a range of other aspects of the human experience, such as aromanticism and age. As the Trust continues to develop our resources, we’ll be examining additional intersections. We hope these contributions will continue to illuminate aspects of asexuals’ experiences and provide a source of support to New Zealand’s asexuals and their support networks.

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