Complaints and feedback

Despite making our very best efforts to be inclusive and respectful in everything we do, we realise that we won’t always get it right. We’d appreciate your feedback when we don’t so that we can do better in the future.

The Asexuality New Zealand Trust understands that sexuality and gender issues are highly personal  issues of considerable individual significance. We understand that individuals’ experiences of these phenomena vary. In expressing the opinions and statements made on this website, the Trust has made all efforts to be as inclusive as possible and to reflect, as best able, our understanding of these phenomena based on our research and own experience as asexuals.

If you feel the trust has misrepresented or marginalised your experiences on our website or in our other publications, please contact us using the form below to let us know how we can do better. We would ask you to please include the following information so that we can quickly come up to speed in considering your message:

  • If you’re writing about a web page, please include the name or URL of the webpage in question.
  • If you’re writing about any of our other publications, please include the title of the publication and (if possible) the date and place at which you found the publication.

We welcome anonymous feedback. However, if you’d like us to contact you to discuss any issues raised by your correspondence please be sure to include contact details.

If you want to engage with us, we will reply to all correspondence within 3 working days. Depending on the nature of your feedback, it may take longer to carry out any action we decide to take in response. However, we promise that you will receive a prompt initial reply.